LandsAid has been helping people in disaster and development areas since 2006. Specialist teams around the world are committed to providing first aid, in particular, to alleviate distress and give hope. For the past 17 years, LandsAid carried out over 200 aid missions in over 170 projects in over 27 countries. Our focus is on emergency aid in the event of a disaster and on sustainable development cooperation projects. It doesn’t matter in this case whether people need help as a result of a natural disaster or an armed conflict. The goal is to help countries immediately and create a sustainable future in the region.


According to its statutes, LandsAid is non-governmental, non-denominational and non-political and acts according to the internationally recognized principles of humanitarian aid, laid down in the „Code of Conduct“ of the International Red Cross.

LandsAid helps regardless of ethnic origin, nationality, social status, political convictions or gender or religion. Help is provided as needed. As far as possible, it tries to use local resources to implement the measures.

LandsAid employees see working in partnership in foreign countries and contact with people from other cultures as an opportunity to promote mutual understanding. It should be consciously encouraged to learn from each other. In this way, LandsAid would also like to contribute to peaceful conflict resolution.

All LandsAid employees and members are committed to the basic values of charity, honesty, mutual respect and respect for human dignity. The help provided by LandsAid is voluntary and altruistic and is never intended to spread or promote political or religious beliefs.

Our tasks

Takes place mainly in the areas of basic medicine, sustainable agriculture, nutrition and livelihood security according to precisely defined criteria. LandsAid attaches great importance to effective cooperation with other NGOs and UN organizations. According to LandsAid’s self-image, the willingness to become active is automatically linked to the obligation to continue this help until the previously formulated goal has been achieved or external circumstances prevent the work.

Includes the preparation and follow-up of the deployment as well as staff welfare during the deployment. LandsAid is responsible both for the well-being of its volunteers and for the effective and smooth use of donations. The training is open to anyone who is interested and does not necessarily involve working for LandsAid. It offers participants the opportunity for orientation and an introduction to humanitarian work.

In the event of a disaster by volunteer medical workers under professional leadership or in cooperation with local partners.  In this area, a close cooperation with technical rescue services is sought.

Werden Sie Mitglied

Als Mitglied haben Sie die Möglichkeit, sich beratend und gestaltend an der Vereinsarbeit von LandsAid zu beteiligen. Die Mitglieder treffen sich in den jährlichen Mitgliederversammlungen und beraten sich über Pläne, Projekte und Zukunft des Vereins. Alle drei Jahre wählen sie einen Vorstand, der sich aus drei Personen zusammensetzt. Er verantwortet die nächsten drei Jahre die Entwicklung und Projekte von LandsAid. Für den Verein und seine Mitglieder gilt verbindlich die Satzung, die LandsAid sich gegeben hat.

Wir freuen uns über ein aufgeschlossenes, kraftvolles und aktives Team und auf engagierte neue Mitglieder in unserer Runde!

Unsere Aufgaben

Schnelle medizinische Hilfe

Im Katastrophenfall durch ehrenamtliche medizinische Einsatzkräfte unter professioneller Führung oder durch lokale Partner.


Dabei legen wir großen Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit und Effektivität sowie eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit anderen NGOs und UN-Organisationen

Ausbildung von Einsatzkräften

Wir fühlen uns für das Wohl unserer Einsatzkräfte verantwortlich – sowohl bei deren Vorbereitung auf einen Einsatz, als auch danach.